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About Our Plumbing Repair Specialist

Save money on your next plumbing repair by requesting the highly affordable plumbing services offered by Leedway Plumbing. No matter how involved your plumbing project may be, we strive to provide you with the best quality service that money can buy.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so if our work is ever unsatisfactory in any way, contact us immediately so
we can remedy the situation.

Follow-up Services

Most plumbing companies stop by your home, make the necessary repairs, send you a bill, and never make contact with you again. At Leedway Plumbing, we strive to provide more personal plumbing services by offering follow-up appointments and long-term maintenance agreements with each service contract. We look forward to welcoming you to our plumbing family soon.

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How We Started

At Leedway Plumbing, we have been proud to serve the Madera community for more than a decade. As we continue to grow and establish ourselves, we look forward to building long-lasting relationships that will extend far beyond our scheduled appointment times. Our team always takes the time to follow up on our maintenance agreements and service warranties. What's more, our experienced technicians always strive to provide you with nothing but the very best plumbing services possible.

Experienced plumber Willie Washington has been Leedway Plumbing's lead service technician since 1997. Before entering the plumbing industry, he has worked in the new construction, home remodeling, and home repair fields. Call (888) 323-3830 to learn more about us.

Some of our Commercial & Apartment Clients

  • Lowe's™
  • Dollar Tree™
  • Blockbuster™
  • Universal Church
  • Garden Valley Homes
  • MLK Square Apartments
  • Western Medical Center
  • Madera Villa Apartments
  • Cottonwood Creek Apartments

Keep your drains and pipes free of debris with a bit of help from our prompt drain cleaning team in Madera, California.

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